ASTM A479 Round Bar

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The American Society for Testing and Materials A479 is a specification which caters to bars and rods produced in several classes namely austenitic, ferritic, duplex or as simply referred to as austenitic-ferritic and not forgetting martensitic classes of stainless steels. Since this specified Stainless Steel A479 Round Bar can be produced in any one of the above mentioned classes, they can be subjected to varying heat treatments. Typically the SS ASTM A479 Forged Round Bar is available or is supplied in any one of the following conditions i.e. normalized, tempered, annealed, and quenched. Yet, out of all the stainless steel classes, it is those alloys belonging to the austenitic category, say for e.g. - A479 Type 316 that have been subjected to heat treatment in addition to being tested for its corrosion resistance properties.

This being said, all the four classes of stainless steels need to meet the mechanical properties that have been specified by this specification. The properties that are required to be tested include not only the tensile strength and yield strength of the A479 Bar but also elongation and hardness properties as well. Considered for applications involving the construction of boiler and pressure vessel, martensitic grade SS A479 Type 410 Rod offers good resistance to corrosion besides high strength and hardness properties. On the other hand, grade 316 ASTM A479 Forged Bar is the most preferred choice for marine purposes.

SS ASTM A479 Polished Round Bar Standard Sizes And Schedule Specification

Type American Society for Testing and Materials A479
Surface bright round bar, pickled round bar, black round bar

American Society for Testing and Materials A276, A479, A582, GB4226-84, GB/T1220-2007, JISG4311-91, JIS G4318-98, EN 10095-99, GB4226-84, EN10088-3-2005, JIS G4303-2005, etc

Technique Forged/Hot Rolled/Cold Drawn/Peeled
Available Material Grade

316L, 347, 316, LSI, 330, 308, 316LSI, 309L, 303B, 207, 202, 348, 309LSI, 310S, 207CU, 304, 321, 308, 309, 308L, 314, 310, 309SI, 204, 384, 430, 302, 303, 309S, 304N, 301, 420, 304L, 201, 410,

Length 3000 milimeter, 6000 milimeter as per requirement.
Package Details Standard seaworthy package(wooden boxes package,pvc package, or other package)
Range Range – 3.17mm to 350mm dia
Diameter 2.0-400mm

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