ASTM A494 Monel

Manufacturer of ASTM A494 CY40 Class 2 and ASTM A494 Gr Cu5mcuc

Several grades of heat treated nickel alloyed castings are covered by the A494 specification. In terms of functionality, the A494 Monel has excellent resistance to corrosion and are well suited for those applications where this property is looked on as very important. This aside, there are many classes of castings identified by this specification. The furnishing of these castings is dependent on the class it pertains to. For instance, castings belonging to Class 1, such as the A494 Gr M35-1 or even grades CY40 and M25S, they are to be furnished in an as-cast condition. Secondly, those alloys belonging to Class 2 e.g. - A494 CY40 Class 2 or grade M25S, per specification are required to be supplied in a solution treated condition.

On the other hand, When grade M25S is considered as a part of Class 3, the castings are to be furnished in an age-hardened condition. Inconel 825 or also as referred to A494 Gr Cu5mcuc is known for its exceptional corrosion resistance property, especially seen in the oil and gas industry, where the metal exhibits superior resistance to not only stress related corrosion cracking, but also against pitting and crevice corrosion as well. Used in alkylation plants, the A494 M35-1 Monel is well suited for oxygen service. Apart from exhibiting high tensile strength and excellent fabricability properties, the A494 CW6MC Inconel can be used at extreme temperature conditions ranging from 1800°F to cryogenic settings.

ASTM A494 M35-1 Monel Standard Size And Specification

Cast Grade CY40
Cast UNS N06040
Cast American Society for Testing and Materials A494
Wrought UNS N06600
Wrought Grade INCONEL® 600

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ASTM A494 Gr Cu5mcuc Chemical Structure

Mn 1.50
Ni Bal
Fe 11.0 MAX
Si 3.00
Cr 14 -17
C Max 0.40

Mechanical Properties Chart of ASTM A494 M30c

Elongation % 30
Yield, MPa 195
Yield, ksi 28
Tensile, MPa 485
Tensile, ksi 70