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ASTM B453 / B453M - 11(2017)

ASTM B453 is a Standard Specification for Copper-Zinc-Lead Alloy (Leaded-Brass) Rod, Bar, and Shapes

ASTM B453 specification establishes the requirements for rods, bars, wires, and shapes of copper-zinc-lead alloys (leaded-brass) with Copper Alloy UNS Nos. C33500, C34000, C34500, C35000, C35300, and C35600. The products to which this specification applies is suitable for applications requiring extensive machining before such cold-forming processes as swaging, flaring, severe knurling, or thread rolling. Products shall be produced in tempers O60 (soft annealed), H01 (1/4 hard), and H02 (1/2 hard). ASTM B453 Products shall be tested to examine their conformance to dimensional (diameter, shape, length, and straightness), mechanical (tensile and yield strength, Rockwell hardness, and elongation), and chemical composition requirements.

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ASTM B453 Composition

Copper Alloy 
Copper Zinc Lead
C33500 63.5 36.0 0.5
C34000 63.5 35.3 1.2
C34500 63.5 34.5 2.0
C35000 61.5 37.1 1.4
C35300 61.5 36.5 2.0
C35330 61.8 35.7 2.5
C35350 62.0 34.5 3.2
C35600 61.5 36.0 2.5

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