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Hitesh Steel in renowned Manufacturer of Inconel Spring in India. We have supplied Inconel 600 Spring to Gasco,Inconel X750 Spring to Saudi Aramco, 718 Inconel Disc Springs to Oman, Inconel 601 Spring to KNPC, Inconel 625 Spring to Qatar Gas etc.

We have more than 8 years of experience in supplying AMS5962 spring & Inconel X750 Spring. If you are looking for Inconel X750 or Nimonic 90 spring feel free to contact at The most common reason we see Inconel used is for elevated temperature applications and the best grade for this is Inconel 718 to AMS5962. One slightly more cost effective option is to use Inconel X750 which can be bought in 2 different conditions No1 Temper (AMS5698) and Spring Temper (AMS5699) which each has its own merits

Inconel X750 Engineering Data:

E Mpa 214,000 Min Size (in) 0.004
E psi 31,000,000 Max Size (in) 0.500
G Mpa 79,300 Min Size (mm) 0.100
G psi 11,500,000 Max Size (in) 12.500
Density g/cm3 8.250 Surface Min b
Density lb/in3 0.298 Max Temp °C 595
Conductivity 1 Max Temp °F 1100

Inconel Springs Notes:

E Mpa Young's Modulus These factors can vary with cold work, heat treating and operational stress.
E psi
G Mpa Modulus of Rigidity
G psi
Conductivity % IACS
Surface Min Typical Surface Quality a Maximum defect depth: 0 to 0.5% of d or t
b Maximum defect depth: 1.0% of d or t
c Defect depth:less that 3.5% of d or t
Min Size Sizes commonly available for wire or strip Special sizes may be available at additional cost.
Max Size
Max Temp Maximum service temperature May vary due to operating stress

Inconel Spring grades:

  • Inconel 600 Spring
  • Inconel 601 Spring
  • Inconel 625 Spring
  • Inconel 690 Spring
  • Inconel 713C Spring
  • Inconel 718 Spring
  • Inconel 751 Spring
  • Inconel 792 Spring
  • Inconel 939 Spring
  • Inconel 188 Spring
  • Inconel X-750 Spring
  • Inconel 230 Spring
  • Inconel 907 Spring
  • Inconel 909 Spring
  • Inconel 706 Spring
  • Inconel 617 Spring

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Our super special steel products including Inconel Spring are suitable for Plant manufacturing, Machine engineering, Power generation and Powerplant etc. We are supplying best quality Inconel Spring to our clients globally.

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