Inconel 92 Suppliers, Inconel 92 Welding Wire stockist

Inconel 92 Filler Wire Stockist, Inconel 92 Tig Rod distributor, Inconel 92 Tig Wire suppliers, Inconel 92 Filler Rod manufacturer in India, Inconel 92 Welding Rod dealers

Inconel 92 Suppliers
Inconel 92 Suppliers
Inconel 92 Welding Rod Stockist
Inconel 92 Welding Rod Stockist
Inconel 92 Filler Wire For Sale
Inconel 92 Filler Wire For Sale

Inconel Filler Metal 92 is majorly used for gas-tungsten-arc and gas-metal-arc welding of austenistic and ferritic steels and nickel alloys. Application include joining Inconel and Incoloy alloy to stainless steels, carbon steels & Monel alloys, also its used when you want to join Monel & Nickel 200 to Stainless steels, and Stainless Steel to carbon steels. Inconel 92 Tig Wire is also used for welding high nickel alloys. Alloy 92 Filler Wire is harden on heat treatment, with the hardness determined by temperature and the length of time the weld deposit is exposed to that temperature. INCONEL®, INCOLOY® and MONEL® are registered trademarks of the Special Metals family of companies.

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Inconel 92 Suppliers

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Inconel 92 Filler Metal Specification

INCONEL® Filler Metal 92 Specification

AWS A5.14  ERNiCrFe-6

AWS A5.14-89 Class ERNiCrFe-6
ASME SFA5.14 Class ERNiCrFe-6

Inconel 92 (ERNiCrFe-6)

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Inconel 92 Filler Metal Price

Nickel based alloy wire Inconel 92 Filler Metal 1.6mm, 2.0mm
US $20.00-$30.00 / Kilograms
10 Kilograms (Min. Order)

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Client Reference and Applications

Our super special steel products including Inconel 92 Filler Metal are suitable for Plant manufacturing, Machine engineering, Power generation and Powerplant etc. We are supplying best quality Inconel 92 Filler Metal to our clients globally.

Tuas Power Generation
60 Tuas South Avenue 9, Singapore 637607

Cummins Power Generation (S) Pte Ltd
10 Toh Guan Rd, Singapore 608838

Barakah Nuclear Power Plant
Barakah - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Power Electric Switchgear Factory
Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Shams Solar Power Station
Madinat Zayed- Al Gharbia- - Abu Dhabi - UAE

Hassyan Power Plant
Dubai - United Arab Emirates

AKSA Power Generation FZE
Jebel Ali Free Zone - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Al Mirfa Power and Desalination Plant
Al Mirfa - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

U-Power Generation FZC
Sharjah International Airport - Sharjah - United Arab Emirates

Fujairah F2 Plant
Fujairah - United Arab Emirates

Fayfa Chemicals Factory LLC
22A, AL QUOZ INDUSTRIAL AREA 3 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Specialized in Aircraft Materials & Aerospace Materials

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