Manufacturing Capabilities


Enriched with over 35 years of experience, our clients cover an assortment of different businesses such as chemical processing, marine engineering, power generation, etc. With our expertise in the most technical engineering prospects, many of our buyers rely on us to accomplish the task. Our in-depth knowledge, coupled with our manufacturing prowess, has time and again proven to be an excellent tubing solution to many industries.

Hitesh Steel produces Cold-drawn Tubes within the size range from 12mm to 108mm OD. Custom sizes can be manufacture as per drawing if quantity is above 2 ton in a single order. 

Tubular products Type OD
Copper & Nickel Alloys Cold-drawn 12 - 108 mm

The highly experienced team of engineers working in our company often work in tandem with the client to address their needs, while providing product and technical input for a successful application. Our track record with these businesses, along with the high-quality products we offer, make us one of the most sought-after companies in the field of tubing solutions.

We regularly offer solutions to industries involving the food and beverage industry. The requirements of the hospitality industries include the use of hygienic alloys in their systems. With abundant resources available at our disposal, we have achieved a high success rate with several institutions in this field. With the use of the state of the art machines that regularly are subject to maintenance, our production capacity is 800 Kg per month.

At Hitesh Steel, we are on the brink of updating and reimagining products to make it more lightweight and more relevant to address the problems of today's time. 

Our work in the automotive sector is also noteworthy. Usually, the parts that make up an automobile are always wearing out.  While they may need metals of a higher quality as compared to regular steel grades, this alone is not sufficient to increase their service life. The auto sector is a challenging industry that requires superior corrosion and heat resistance properties. Furthermore, they also have requirements for a smooth and tough exterior. Therefore, surface treatments increase the longevity of these components, while increasing the surface smoothness and making it tough. Our machines are well equipped to conduct surface finishing treatments on our products to improve their mechanical as well as corrosion resistance properties. We also offer specialty and customized finishes to our clients.

Industries such as power generation, aerospace, and fuel use our products for applications like separation, filtration as well as purification. Since the solution we offer is highly resistant to corrosion, these products have a longer service life. And because we source the raw materials from a responsible source, our clients can rest assure that the products we supply are of the highest quality, complete with regular stringent quality checks by our quality department.

Besides using typically available materials like stainless steel, we also cater to those businesses that have requirements in terms of specialty metals. We understand that every business is different, and so we treat each challenge differently. The team of engineers and our collective of vendors are at our disposal to ideate unique solutions for every challenging operation we come across.

No matter the challenge presented by an application, at Hitesh Steel, we work with our buyers to create a long-lasting, high quality, and efficient solution.