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Monel Tube
Monel Tube
Monel Seamless Tube
Monel Seamless Tube
Monel Tubing
Monel Tubing

Monel Tube is a nickel-copper alloy that is hardened by cold working only. Monel Seamless Tube has low corrosion rate in flowing seawater, therefore it is widely used in marine applications. Monel Tubing also has excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking in most freshwaters. Monel Seamless Tubing is suitable for temperatures ranging from subzero to 1,000°F (538°C), and can only be hardened via cold-working.

Monel seamless tube is supplied bright annealed in the outside diameter range 6 –42 mm (0.25 in –1.625 in) and wall thickness 0.89 –5.00 mm (0.035 in –0.197 in). Monel High-Pressure Tube is available in straight lengths and coils. Monel coiled and straight length tubing are supplied annealed and solution annealed. Monel Instrumentation Tubes Stock will be available for most common sizes.

Monel tube material is available in Monel seamless tubing, Monel Exhaust Tube, Monel boiler tubes, Monel Polish Tube, Monel Gas Tube, Monel heat exchanger tube and Monel high temperature tubes. Stockist of Monel Compression Tubes & Monel high pressure tubing which is used to help extract oil and gas in some of the most hostile downhole conditions including deepwater and sour oil well projects. All Monel high pressure tubing products supplied to the aerospace industry are Monel hydraulic tubes.

We are a supplier of Monel welded and redrawn, seamless and redrawn coiled tubing which are made from Monel grade. We have been specializing in manufacturing Monel coiled tubing used in the oil and gas industry. We can supply Monel Electropolished Tubes up to 3” diameter; redrawn tubes and tight tolerance tubing can be supplied in nearly any size. We also stock Monel heat exchanger tubes as seamless, welded or welded redrawn tubes. These high performance Monel tubes are available at dimensions between 12.70 mm and 38.10mm OD.

We stock and cut Monel Cold Drawn Tubes fast delivery nationwide next day & overseas in 5 days. The Pioneering Suppliers of Monel Square Tube in India & UK. Choose the right supplier of Monel welded tube nearby in your country. With extensive stock, and vast grade ranges, Hitesh Steel network that are located in Australia, China, Finland, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK.

In our ready stock you can find Monel Heat-resistant capillary Tubes, Monel precision tubes, ASTM B730 Monel High Pressure Tube, Monel Cold Rolled Coiled Tubing, Monel Hydraulic tubes, Monel Instrumentation Tubes, Monel cannula tubes, Monel pyrometer tubes, Monel protective tubes / protection tubes and Monel Sighting tubes in different diameter & wall thickness.

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Monel Tube supplier

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Monel Tube Specification

Monel tubing meets a number of industrial, international, MIL-SPEC, and other specifications, including:

  • ASTM B165 Monel Tubing
  • ASTM B829 Monel Tubing
  • ASTM B775 Monel Tubing
  • ASTM B725 Monel Tubing
  • ASTM B163 Monel Tubing
  • ASTM B730 Monel Tubing
  • ASTM B751 Monel Tubing
  • AMS 4574 Monel Tubing
  • DIN 17752 Monel Tubing
  • VdTUV 2635 Monel Tubing


ASTM B165, ASTM B829, ASTM B775, ASTM B725, ASTM B163, ASTM B730, ASTM B751,ams 4574

International Specifications:

din 17752, VdTUV 2635

Monel Tube Size : 15 NB to 150 NB IN

Standards : ASTM B163, B730 / ASME SB163, B730

Monel Tube Type : Seamless / ERW / Welded / Fabricated / Hollow / LSAW Pipes

Monel tubing wall thickness: .035" –.095', (special wall thicknesses available)

Monel tube Schedule : SCH5, SCH10, SCH40, STD, SCH80, SCH160

Monel Tube Finish : Polished, AP (Annealed & Pickled), BA (Bright & Annealed), MF

Monel tube Form : Round, Square, Rectangular, Hydraulic, Straight or ‘U’ bent Tubes Etc.

Monel tube Length : Single Random, Double Random & Cut Length.

End : Plain End, Beveled End, Treaded.

Marking: All Monel tubes are marked as follows: Standard, Grade, OD, Thickness, Length, Heat No. (Or according to the customer’s request.)

We can also cut, thread, and groove Monel Tubes to meet your specifications.

Manufacturers of Monel Tubes & Tubing:

  • Sumitomo Metals, Japan
  • Nippon Steel Corporation, Japan
  • Kobe Special Tube, Japan
  • Sanyo Special Steel, Japan
  • Tubacex Tubos Inoxidables S.A., Spain
  • Schoeller Bleckmann, Austria
  • Seah Steel Corporation, Korea

Monel 400®” is a registered trademark of Special Metals Corporation.

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Types Out diameter Wall thickness Length
NB Sizes (in stock) 1/8” ~ 8” SCH 5 / SCH 10 / SCH 40 / SCH 80 / SCH 160 Upto 6 Meters
Monel Seamless Tubing(Custom Sizes) 5.0mm ~ 203.2mm As per requirement Upto 6 Meters
Monel Welded Tubing (in Stock + Custom Sizes) 5.0mm ~ 1219.2mm 1.0 ~ 15.0 mm Upto 6 Meters

Value Added services:

Monel Tube services

Monel Tube Stock

Monel Gas Tube Ar 15 supplier
Monel Gas Tube Ar 15 supplier
Monel Bourdon Tube Stockist
Monel Bourdon Tube Stockist
Monel Capillary Tube
Monel Capillary Tube
Monel Furnace Tube
Monel Furnace Tube
Monel Gas Tube
Monel Gas Tube
Monel Heat Exchanger Tubes
Monel Heat Exchanger Tubes
Monel Mortar Tube
Monel Mortar Tube
Monel Radiant Tube
Monel Radiant Tube
Monel Square Tube
Monel Square Tube

Monel Tube Pressure Rating

Alloy 400 Tubing Pressure Ratings

Tube O.D.
Wall Thickness of Tube (inches)
.028 .035 .049 .065 .083 .095 .109 .120
Working Pressure (psig)
1/8 7900 10100            
1/4 3700 4800 7000 9500        
5/16   3700 5400 7300        
3/8   3100 4400 6100        
1/2   2300 3200 4400        
3/4     2200 3000 4000 4600    
1       2200 2900 3400 3900 4300

Monel Tube Welding

Monel Tube is a nickel-chromium alloys which is used in different welding processes. Monel Tube is most commonly used in techniques where high heat tolerance is required. Welding Inconel can be rather difficult because the welds that are created have a tendency to crack. There are a few alloys of Inconel that were specifically designed for use in welding like TIG.

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Monel Tube Price

Monel Tubing Price in India PACK QTY PRICE
Price of Monel Tubing 6.35mm dia x0.9mm wall x 500mm long 1
Price of Monel Tubing 6.35mm dia x0.9mm wall x 500mm long 5
Price of Monel Tubing 6.35mm dia x0.9mm wall x 500mm long 10
Price of Monel Tubing 6.35mm dia x0.9mm wall x 1000mm long 1
Price of Monel Tubing 6.35mm dia x0.9mm wall x 1000mm long 5
Price of Monel Tubing 6.35mm dia x0.9mm wall x 1000mm long 10
Price of Monel Tubing 6.35mm dia x0.9mm wall x 2000mm long 1
Price of Monel Tubing 6.35mm dia x0.9mm wall x 2000mm long 5
Price of Monel Tubing 6.35mm dia x0.9mm wall x 2000mm long 10
Price of Monel Tubing 6.35mm dia x0.9mm wall x 3000mm long 5

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Client Reference and Applications

Our super special steel products including Monel Tube are suitable for Plant manufacturing, Machine engineering, Power generation and Powerplant etc. We are supplying best quality Monel Tube to our clients globally.

Tuas Power Generation
60 Tuas South Avenue 9, Singapore 637607

Cummins Power Generation (S) Pte Ltd
10 Toh Guan Rd, Singapore 608838

Barakah Nuclear Power Plant
Barakah - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Power Electric Switchgear Factory
Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Shams Solar Power Station
Madinat Zayed- Al Gharbia- - Abu Dhabi - UAE

Hassyan Power Plant
Dubai - United Arab Emirates

AKSA Power Generation FZE
Jebel Ali Free Zone - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Al Mirfa Power and Desalination Plant
Al Mirfa - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

U-Power Generation FZC
Sharjah International Airport - Sharjah - United Arab Emirates

Fujairah F2 Plant
Fujairah - United Arab Emirates

Fayfa Chemicals Factory LLC
22A, AL QUOZ INDUSTRIAL AREA 3 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Specialized in Aircraft Materials & Aerospace Materials

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