Quality Policy

An ISO certified company, we take pride in delivering products of the highest quality to our buyers all across India. We acknowledge that the use of our products could be in either high temperature and high-pressure environments. And on some occasions, the products are exposed to highly corrosive media. Therefore, we realize making them with superior materials is of utmost importance. As one of the promising companies in India,  Hitesh Steel meets all the regulatory and legal obligations. All the processes, controls, and procedures here are by the book and are a part of the documentation system. We are involved with the client every step of the way and commit to make their businesses a successful endeavor. Along with recognizing the needs of our buyers, we gain insights into their product, means, and methods as well. The dedication of our company's management is not only towards quality but also towards fostering goodwill towards both - our clients and suppliers as well.

Our mission is to become one of the leading and sustainable producers of piping solutions across the world.  We share our mission with the hardworking, skilled, and dedicated employees working in our company as well. Therefore, we hire individuals who are responsible, docile, highly competitive and have a driven nature. We aim to improve our work processes and upgrade our qualifications & infrastructure.  The employees at our factory to gain information pertinent to the latest technology by constant training programs. The main focus of our company is to ensure the pipes that reach the buyer are safe and follow the protocols set by different regulatory institutions. The tubes produced here go through quality checks by our highly skilled workforce. In addition to adhering to the commercial, chemical, and technical manufacturing guidelines, our well-qualified quality instructors conduct frequent checks.

We encourage our regular stringent inspections at different intervals.  Perhaps, this is why the products we offer are consistently uniform and of the highest standard. The quality department conducts several destructive and non-destructive tests as well. Generally,  tests such as Tensile Test, Impact Test, Flaring Test, Flattening Test, IGC Test - Prac A, B, C & E, Flange Test, Reverse Flattening Test, Reverse - bend Test and Hardness Tests classify as destructive testing. Whereas, Non-Destructive Testing consists of tests such as Ultrasonic Test, Hydrostatic Test, Baroscopic Test, Air Under Water Test, Spectro Test, Eddy Current Test, Dye Penetrant Test, and the PMI or as known as Positive material identification test.

At Hitesh Steel, the raw materials and the chemicals used in their processing are environment friendly. We believe in taking steps to ensure green environmental procedures while supporting initiatives by local vendors. We thoroughly check the quality of our vendors who are a part of our sourcing circle. Over the years, we have gained the trust of many buyers, most of whom procure our products time and again. We believe in offering unique and innovative tubing solutions to our buyers across sectors like power generation, marine engineering, automobile, etc.  While we recognize different industries have different needs, what makes us different, is that we address those particular requirements. That is precisely why - we update our clients with the latest information or arrivals of new solutions by a slew of information. Our social media channels are up to date, and our buyers have the option of going through all the recent developments. The channels of communication are both efficient, which is why we can boast of having a hand in many of our client's successes.